So this is actually really awkward!  And making me feel super self-conscious!  Eeek!

But the point is, I adore cooking and writing and talking and living and I want to convert that fleeting passion into something tangible…  And so, here I am.  I’ve actually been thinking about doing something like this for a long, long time and have dismissed the urge because it seemed so, well, overdone.  Who doesn’t have a food/lifestyle blog these days?  But I was kinda flitting around the apartment this morning, and I thought to myself: Hey, Lauren, you’re so scared of being just like everyone else that you’ve managed to paralyze yourself in that fear… and now, instead of doing something “unoriginal”, you’re doing absolutely nothing at all! (My internal thought-processing, for the record, is neither this articulate nor obnoxious).

This is how it went down, really.  I was eating a carrot stick on the couch and was half-watching Giada at Home or it was on in the background or something and I looked up at her pretty Malibu home/set/green-screen-faux-kitchen and thought two things:

  1. I have got to get to a Crate & Barrel sale.
  2. There’s no day like today!

Television, the Great Motivator!*

*This is a photo illustration of what happened to me on the couch this morning.  While this is our apartment, it is actually Ryan’s foot, and he is watching one of the Harry Potter movies, I think, not a cooking show.  Also, the orchid in the background is now much larger and white.  And the basketball is now in the trunk of my car.

So here’s the deal:  I’m a healthy girl who loves to cook, exercise, and explore farmers’ markets and grocery stores.  My boyfriend and I do a lot of cooking together; oftentimes, he’ll handle the meat/grill and I’ll do veggies and grains.  I haven’t told him about this yet!  Ha!  Once, I do, I’ll tell you all about our life together—it’s a fairy tale!  I’ve struggled with food and happiness and lots of stuff in the past, and I’ve really found cooking to be so therapeutic and beautiful and romantic and fulfilling.  I guess I just want to share that with friends and family and anyone else who kinda cares.

I feel like I could go on forever.  But I have the rest of my life, technically, to talk/write, so I’ll just cut it short, and actually write about a topic later.  Hmmm… I’m thinking a little ode to my favorite food in the whole wide world could make a good inaugural(ish) post!?  Yay!!

Well, the gym calls, as do the dishes, and those pomegranate-red little shorts at J. Crew…

6 Responses to “Hi!?”
  1. Mom says:

    I am flattered that you mentioned me in the blog. Love the site and it is so you…………do you think dad could find the site?

  2. Lisa says:

    You favorite food is muddy and tuddy ice cream.

    • laurensybil says:

      This is true, Lisa. Lately, it has been muddy and tuddy blackberry ice cream. Yum!

      But the real favorite food post should be coming soon, probably this weekend.
      Jenna, you know what it is!

  3. Marjorie Warren says:

    What is your favorite food?

  4. Jenna says:

    yay! i love! and do tell me more about the j crew shorts…

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