One S.C.K.S.G.V.P. on Wheat, Please!

I just made the most marvelous sandwich ever, and everything inside of it was sitting in the fridge, half-forgotten, waiting to rot or be thrown away. Here it is:

The Super Creamy Kitchen Sink Grilled Veggie Press

I ran by Whole Foods on my way home from the gym and grabbed a loaf of whole wheat bread.  They make a solid organic loaf that’s soft and pre-sliced and simple, and it’s under three bucks.  It’s my go-to bread and I use at least three slices a day.

So I grabbed two beautiful, big slices of wheat, and went to town on the fillings, which I’ve listen in order:

  • Baby spinach leaves.  You know, the pre-washed, organic ones that make life a zillion times easier?  And I got to use up all the leaves before they got all soggy and gross.  Also, I drizzled a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette on top of the spinach leaves.
  • Thin slices of red bell pepper, yellow onion, and some chunks of a little white mushroom.

    Oh, lovely leftovers are a-sizzle!

    All of these veggies were half-used and lonely and hanging out in little baggies in the veggie crisper.  I added a little bit of pepper and sea salt and red pepper flakes and grilled them quickly in aluminum foil on the sandwich press. When they were all warm and aromatic, I put them on top of the mini-spinach salad and drizzled just a little bit of mild honey on top of the warm vegetables so that it would all caramelize together later.

    Grilled Veggies and Honey. Try it.

  • Jarlsberg cheese.  It’s Swiss cheese, but even more wonderful.  It melts beautifully, is nutty and tangy and sweet, and I needed the protein.

    And Swiss! And Hummus!

  • Hummus.  Probably a little more than a tablespoon, smothered onto the top slice of bread, so that it would blend in with the cheese and be all gooey.

Then, it was back on the press for this little guy…

"I'm assembled, but I want grill marks, please."

This is a good time to think about cleaning up.

Okay.  And then, a few long, long minutes later, it was time to eat!  Yum!

"I'm ready for my close-up, Lauren..."

Carbophobes, beware: this lunch special necessitates bread.  Hey, I’ve been there.  I’ve been really, truly convinced that bread was the devil, threatening my blood sugar and love handles and self-worth.  I avoided bread, and every morning I woke up shocked and bitter and confused because I hadn’t turned into Heidi Klum.  Bah!  You can imagine my disappointment.  Everyone else in college was studying for midterms, eating pizza and bagels and PBJs, together… I was all holed up in my dorm with a pint of Tasti-D-Lite and a zillion Spanish flashcards.  Yucky.

Two years later, I was still wary of the sandwich.  I was sluggish, hungry, and never, ever satisfied.  My stomach always hurt because everything I ate, I ate on top of 30 pounds of frisée.  My boyfriend, Ryan, really really adores frisée.

Frisée. Ouch.

Ryan and I went on our first date, really, at Bed Bath & Beyond— what foreshadowing of our splendid domesticity!  Guess what we bought?  Sandwich presses!!  This was in early 2008.  I don’t know why I needed a sandwich press at this time, as I was refusing to eat normal meals and instead eating copious amounts of artificially sweetened yogurt at all hours of the night.  But anyway, we went, we bought them, and we lived happily ever after.  The sandwich press I bought then was a Cuisinart Griddler Express, and it was pretty good, although I wished it had removable plates, considering Ryan and I eventually grilled pounds of chicken on the thing every Sunday night.  My biggest complaint with that sandwich press was that it didn’t take to fake bread (no calories! all air!)  and fat-free cheese very well.

I honestly thank God every day that those days are over.  I don’t fear filling lunches anymore; in fact, I embrace them.

OH MY GOD. I just googled Light & Fit, the artificial Dannon yogurt I used to swear by.  You are never going to believe who the spokeswoman is!  HEIDI KLUM.  What a coincidence!  Maybe if I start eating enough Splenda again, I could finally… well… nah.

How did it get to be 4:09??  I have to do some work around the house and run to the store to get a few things for dinner.  I also need bananas!  Tonight Ryan and I are going to take it easy and watch the baseball game (on a delay, no spoilers, please!).  We are going to have something simple and grilled and BBQ-esque, but I’m not sure what.  Depends on what’s on sale/what I feel like/blah blah blah.  Bye!

3 Responses to “One S.C.K.S.G.V.P. on Wheat, Please!”
  1. Rosine says:

    That sandwich is making me hungry!

  2. Mom says:

    Nice sandwich and what a lovely plate!

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