Diet SPAM, briefly…

Diet SPAM, found all crushed and empty and flat in my alley. Oh, I love LA.

Perhaps now that I have a computer that turns on, I can share more thoughts about grilled cheese sandwiches with somebody out there on the world wide web.  Also, everyone I work with is a better cook than I am and I just like to sit in the corner and drink coffee and eat blueberries.

In other news, soon there will be ample apples and butternut squash in the markets.

3 Responses to “Diet SPAM, briefly…”
  1. Monet says:

    Girl! I have missed you! How are you doing? I’m sure you are super busy with work and life, which is great…but I need some Lauren in my life! I hope you are doing well…let me know what’s new when you get the chance!

  2. Mom says:

    Nice to see you in print again. It is almost as good as seeing you in person!

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