These are some links to websites I find interesting or informative or pretty to look at it or something.  Here are some to get you started—this will be a constantly expanding list.  More later, I promise!

  • Grubstreet.  A really cool food blog, really on-the-pulse.  Part of New York Magazine, so it has that sarcastic, intelligent edge to it.  A few months ago, it branched out to a handful of other big cities, including the lovely Los Angeles!  Sorry Miami, no love for you… yet.
  • Recipes for Health.  An interesting online feature of the New York Times.  Award-winning healthy cookbook writer Martha Rose Shulman presents a healthy theme for the week and offers five related recipes for readers to try.  After trying zillions of strategies, I absolutely swear by her baked french fries method.
  • Epicurious. This is a solid cooking and recipe database that is actually an online consolidation of several Condé Nast magazines, including Bon Appétit, SELF, and the late Gourmet.  I do wish the site featured more pictures.
  • Smitten Kitchen.  Everybody who encounters this site absolutely adores it.  Deb makes the most marvelous things in her Manhattan kitchen, and takes beautiful pictures of her successes.  This is probably one of the most beloved and popular food blogs out there.  The best part?  It’s actually trustworthy—I’ve made three of the recipes provided on the site in the past month, and they’ve all been super.  Well, except for the botched oatmeal raisin cookies, but that was my fault.
  • Market Watch.  The Los Angeles Times publishes the findings of the talented photographer and market forager, David Karp.  Check out what he’s fussing about at our Los Angeles farmers’ markets.
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  1. Why not add “Inside the Kaganoff Kitchen?”

    Just a thought.

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