“Why can’t we have like a salad?”

I have met the enemy, and it is full-time employment and/or good fruit on sale.


Fathers’ Day Dinner in Miami

Back home in Miami for a few days to visit family. Fathers’ Day Dinner at our house. I also attempt to order a Porterhouse with the butter on the side! The irony.

Effortless Meatball Sandwich

Yes, you can clean out the fridge and impress your boyfriend at the same time. Obviously, you’re going to need meatballs and cheese.

Cheesesteaks: Sloppy, Gooey, Adapted

Cheesesteaks are attempted, and we are more than satisfied with the results. I am also still full, and it’s been almost twenty hours since dinner.

There Will Be Beef

Beef is discussed, flank steak is grilled, and bananas are decapitated. Another Thursday in Lauren’s Little Kitchen.

Mommy’s Super Easy Meatballs

It’s Mothers’ Day! I briefly explain why my mother is my best friend, and how her super easy meatball recipe is one for the ages.

Dodgers 1, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 0

A perfect weekend. It starts with compromised/over-baked oatmeal raisin cookies and ends with sushi. Plus, the Dodgers win and we pack little roast beef sandwiches for the game!

Beef 1, Dodgers 0

We had cheeseburgers for dinner. I wonder, though, what on earth are they feeding the Dodgers pitching staff?