Diet SPAM, briefly…

Found in my alley. No food, just stupid.


Ode to a Dirty Peanut M&M

I buy plain M&M’s because I want more candy to eat, even though I’d prefer peanut M&M’s. My blood sugar and/or will power is put to the test when I meet the candy of my dreams on a flight home to Los Angeles.

Mostly Musings, and also a Pork Chop

My life totally revolves around using up a loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread. Also, pork chops are grilled. And, my inability to go out dinner and not order chicken soft tacos is considered.

The Frozen Oatmeal Cookie Redemption

Instead of trying to fall asleep, I enjoy several frozen oatmeal raisin cookies I had previously deemed awful. Oh, sweet redemption!