Foodless Friday

So, I’m thinking, maybe I’ll bring more to the e-table than just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Requisite List of Stuff Pertaining to a New Year

Everybody’s doing it, and since I drink coffee from Starbucks, I’m down. My “resolutions” for 2011, with anecdotes, of course.

Mustard, I love you.

A quick word on a beloved condiment.

The Wish List

There is a Christmas Wish List at my work. I’m four.

“Why can’t we have like a salad?”

I have met the enemy, and it is full-time employment and/or good fruit on sale.

Ode to a Dirty Peanut M&M

I buy plain M&M’s because I want more candy to eat, even though I’d prefer peanut M&M’s. My blood sugar and/or will power is put to the test when I meet the candy of my dreams on a flight home to Los Angeles.